color override doesn't work

I’m doing an Animation test. I got a file and started animated it. There are poses already set up in the scene. One is laying down, the other is 3/4 standing pose. All the symbols are in the laying down character, except one right leg. So I duplicated the whole leg pegs to the one I’m working on, in the right order. But the two override layer in the leg layer doesn’t work. It’s should be interact with the body so when it touch the body the leg will not show the dark outline. I tried to ajust the Z space on the leg but it didn’t work.

Anyone know how to fix this problem?

I don’t understand your explanation but it may be simpler to deal with if you don’t use symbols. Symbols require you to enter them to interact with the elements they contain which is an extra step.

If you’re stuck contact support to have a look.

Hi Janny:

We were having some issues with colour override. It was only working on the machine were the scene was created. If we changed the machine we were working on the scene, or send the scene to the Network renderer, all Colour Override stopped working.
It only happen on out machines with ATI videoboards.
We had to upgrade the videoboard to the latest driver, and replace all Colour override, for the scene to work.

If you are using ATI videoboard, maybe that is the problem.