Color Masking / Clipping Mask?

I hope that I can explain this well. I see that you can use masking to hide or display part of your images, but can you use masking to display the “matte” layer when your other layer crosses it?

The only analogy I can think of is a clipping mask in photoshop. I want the mask to display a color where it crosses my layer - not make it disappear.

Yea you can do it. Just invert what is cutting what. In the example image you can see that the hair is being cut by the face shape.

Can I do that in Animate or do I need Animate Pro? Can you show me what the layer stack looks like?

Thanks for responding!

I don’t have Animate here but from what I see in the documentation page 639 you can just change the order of what cuts what. You might need to do a clone or duplicate of the face level. In a Network I could do 2 cables coming out but in Animate you might have to do that.

Something similar to this:

I don’t have a Cutter effect. I do have a Mask effect. Is it the same thing? That cutter effect doesn’t have the arrow indicating that there are sublayers, while my mask effect does have another layer underneath it with a black and white box.

Yes , it’s the same.

Layers look different in pro and standard because of the network view. The sublayers are still there, they can just be connected in different ways.

Great tutorial! Photoshop offers a number of techniques for masking images and selections, but one of the easiest is the clipping mask. Clipping masks allow you to define a mask in one or more layers with the shape of another layer. Create clipping masks to shape an image to text or to mask multiple layers with the same shape.

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