color management with imported/vectorized artwork

working on a short film with many hand drawn and then imported artwork, i really have problems with the color management of toon boom 4.

in version 3.5, when i had imported and vectorized a series of bitmap drawings, the result was a new palette with a single new color swatch called “bitmap import”. to my disappointment, there was no way to re-color the whole series in one step with a color out of an other existing color palette.

in toon boom 4 it’s even worse. when i’ve imported, let’s say, 36 bitmap images, i got 36 new color swatches. (who needs this?) and again, i see myself being forced to re-color every single drawing. hell, every time i’ve imported a new series of drawings!

in flash there was no problem due to its intelligent use of onion skinning. i really need to be able to change the color of all drawings in an element in less than 36 steps.
how can i make this happen?

further, is there a way to simply copy a color from one to another palette? or, if not, to copy the values of the colors? i’d love to find out the hex or RGB value of a single color, like in any other program. this palette system with its spongy color picker seems more complicated than useful to me…

has anybody encouraging or helping words?