Color Keyframes, Lock Individual Layer Properties, In/Out Portals, Mass Composite Editing

I really like the Mark Drawing features available for drawings in Harmony. It’s super helpful when flipping just between Key or Breakdown drawings. It would be very nice to have something similar so we can mark keyframes on the timeline with colors. When doing cut-out animation, sometimes I have an extreme key pose and then I add lots of in betweens and other keyframes around it and kind of get lost with which one the original key was, especially when I start pushing plus and minus to add or extend exposure.

I REALLY would love to be able to have Pegs that are ONLY Translation pegs or ONLY Rotation pegs etc. Especially when creating a walk cycle for a character, I usually will create a Peg just for X and Y movement. I don’t want to accidentally add angle or skew etc. to that layer. I know I can view all of those properties separately in the Function View, but it would be REALLY REALLY nice if we could lock out certain layer properties for a peg or if there were simply some exclusive nodes/pegs for individual properties.

Sometimes I need to attach a prop to a cut-out rig and it’s a pain dragging the cable from the hand peg to the Multi-Output Node multiple times from deeply nested groups. It would be cool if there were a Node In “Portal” that you could take a cable to and then an accompanying Out Cable to put somewhere else.

I work on heavy rigs with TONS AND TONS of composites in them. Some are set to Pass Through, but many are Bitmap by default. Sometimes I can’t figure out why z-depth layering won’t work in a scene. I have to chase down from cable to cable to set the remaining COMPs I need to Pass Through. It would be nice if I could select a peg and then choose to turn all children composites to Pass Through mode. Or if I the Set Properties for Many Layers button in the Node View would let me do something like that.

Love the software. These would be nice. Thanks

Hi mattwattsart,

These are all great suggestions! I will mark them down as feature requests and forward them to our product manager.