Color issues

So I just installed Toon Boom Animate because I’m doing a personal project, but whenever I try to change colors, nothing happens in the draw box. It just stays black.

I have a little leeway on this project, but I want to try and get as far as possible before Sunday.

Can I get some help? I can’t find anything anywhere else.

Do you have the object selected when you attempt to change its color? It must be selected with the Select Tool and then when you choose a color it should update to the new color.

If you describe the steps you are taking it might help expose the problem.

In Animate, if I select a color from the Colour window then choose either the Brush or Pencil tools whatever I draw is done in the color I have pre-selected.

After drawing a line, if I select the line with the Select Tool and choose a different color the line immediately becomes the new color.