Color Defaulting to Black

Every time I click the Paint Bucket tool the color palette defaults back to the previous color selected instead of remaining on the color I have currently selected. Is this a Preference setting I can switch off or is there something I can do so that the color remains on the selected color. It makes color-filling a much longer process.


This could be a result of using a low-performance graphic card.
You should contact support to help you investigate the cause.

I have created a drawing on my computer and coloured it without issue, but then I passed the file onto a friend to do the colouring for me and she is having this issue where all my previously done colours show as black and any colour she selects defaults to black. I’ve had her update her graphics card, but I’m not optimistic that that will resolve it.

Could you please let me know what support says if you contact them? I am going to contact them myself asap but wanted to do my own research in the process.


Thanks, will do!