color changes

hi all -

in ver 3.0, I was able to select a drawing created let’s say just outlined in green, select it all, go to the color palette, click on a color let’s say black, and the image would now be black …in vers 3.5, i do the same thing and nothing gets changed - when i mod a drawing, i use a different color, delete the parts i don’t want, then select the entire drawing, click the black color off the color palette and the entire drawing is now in black … has this feature been eliminated or is there something i need to set in order to do this?
thanks, Dan

I’m not totally sure I understand the question, but the trick to causing a color change is basically that you have to toggle between two color swatches. So for example if you want the existing color to end up the same as swatch “A”, you need to select the object to be colored, then select a color other than swatch “A” then select swatch “A” . TBS reads this action as a color change request. If you just select swatch “A” after selecting the object TBS just assumes you are setting up to paint with that color with a tool. So toggling between two color swatches signals a desire to change a selected objects color. -JK

Hi Jk -

I think we are talking about the same thing, but I’m not sure … to clarify my point, take the brush, select a color, say green. draw a few lines - doesn’t matter if they intersect or not only that after each line just release the mouse or pen so that line becomes its own element … by that i mean if i take the select tool and click on it, only that line will highlight… ok, so take the select tool, highlight all the lines … go to the color palette and click on the black color - i generally click on the color box itself, not the color number … in vers 3, by doing this, all the green lines would now be black … in 3.5, all the lines remain green no matter how many times i click that black color box… so i guess i am wondering if i need to reset something or has this feature been eliminated … i find it very helpful when i am making corrections to a drawing - rather than having the current color the same as the color of the drawing, i use a different one - when i am done making changes and have deleted the bad lines, i highlight the entire - non - filled in - drawing, click the black color and all the lines are all black …hope this makes sense … thanks, Dan … oh, and thanks for the link to the lip sync …

If your last selected swatch was “black” in your example and then you select a group of different colored lines /shapes and click on the black swatch nothing will change. But if you click on a different swatch, say green, then everything selected will become green, then just click on black and all the selected objects become black. You have to toggle the color selection to trigger the change. Selecting the current swatch doesn’t toggle the colors but in our example selecting a different color does toggle the colors. You just can’t select the current color choice to begin with, because there is nothing to signal to TBS that you are wanting to change the color of your selected objects until you switch off to a different color. You can then switch back to the previous color and that will be applied because it isn’t the current color anymore. I don’t have V3.0 in front of me so I can speak to if this is a change, but I don’t remember it being any different before, but it is certainly possible. This is how it works now in V3.5. I’m sure you will adjust to it quickly. -JK

hi jk -

strangest thing… it started working like i have done a hundred times before … this morning, no matter what i did, it just would not change … i was modifying a bunch of hand positions in green, when i got done, i selected them, clicked on the black color and nothing happened … i tried individual segments and they would not convert to black either … so i had do each segment using the paint can tool… i just brought that file in highlighted everything clicked on blue and it changed then clicked on black and it changed … strange …
thanks for your help …d