Color Change or Color Balance

Hello, I really want to know can I change a object (wich placed on a drawing layer)'color from a key frame to another key frame? and how?

For example: My charecter’s face gonna be red in 10 frames. (like a angry person who loses his temper)

Thanks for help =)

It’s easier to do in Harmony Premium where you have a colour scale node.
In Animate you would need to duplicate the character’s face and place it just behind
the original face. The new face would be painted with the red face colours.
fade out the original face to reveal
the red face.

You would need to drop the face on a transparency node and keyframe the
transparency values to do it.

Alternately the red face could be in front transparent from the start and
only made visible for the time it is needed.

Thank you mate, seems that is the most easy way