Collaborating - Save As Previous Version


Been working with SB Pro since version 1.5 (currently on consulting v2.0) and love all the new features being added, especially to the EDL/AAF export/import options for FCP/Avid.

One feature set we’d like to see, especially working with multiple freelance storyboard artists, is the ability to save the project back to a prior version (from 2.0 to 1.5/1.6). A lot of artists are still working in SB Pro 1.5 or non-pro 1.5, which is fine when they submit their board for review, but becomes problematic when directors make revisions and notes for the artists. Since the project has to be converted to 2.0 from 1.5, it can no longer be opened by the original artist working in 1.5. Now you’re exporting PDF files instead of true collaboration via a SB Pro project.

Speaking with the sales team, their stance is everyone should be purchasing the newer version (of course) and working on the same version… Yes, in a “perfect world”… and I would also be using Photoshop CS5.5 and so would every single color stylist… but that’s not realistic especially in today’s economy and budget allowances. Most people and small studios who made the investment to purchase SB Pro 1.5 are not looking to make the investment to 2.0… just as most people/studios are fine working with Photoshop CS3… just as a lot of cut-out style animators are still fine working in Flash 8 (amazing isn’t it?).

It’s easier to make a compelling argument to get the latest and greatest when you can still work with those entrenched in what they currently have without having to come up with workarounds.

Just my 2 cents.