Codecs in Harmony 17

So I have upgraded my desktop to the current Imac and it came pre-installed with Catalina. I am using Harmony 17 for work and they want me to export my scenes as Quicktimes, using the Avid DNXHD codec. I was able to do that on my older Imac which had Sierra installed as its OS, but because of Apple making the switch from 32-bit to 64-bit for Catalina and up, I can’t get the DNXHD codec to be installed anymore. Even the new Quicktime won’t install the codec like it was once able to in the older versions.

Is there a way to install it within Harmony? I tried other ways, like exporting a Hires quicktime out of Harmony, then using Adobe Media Encoder to export said Quicktime with the DNXHD codec, but the colors arent quite the same according to the Editor, who uses Avid.

I’ve actually tried that using Adobe Media Encoder. Unfortunately the color is off compared to the other shots we exported directly from Harmony using the dnxhd codec. I had to export the harmony file as either h264/apple prores, then insert the movie into Encoder, then re-export it using the dnxhd codec. Maybe exporting the movie twice affects the color.