Cntrl+Return preview isn't smooth like v.3

Just bought TBS4 woo hoo!

I am testing the scenes with preview cntrl+return and all the lines don’t look smooth like on V.3 its like they look sketchy or something. It happens with the paint brush and pen.

Is there some setting that makes the preview have jaggy lines? On previous Versions I have tried the previewing was always smooth.

Any help? Thanks!


This is somewhat weird for the Cntrl+Return key is actually calling for a Quicktime render. Did you change your version of Quicktime since the last time you tried in v3.0. Also have you tried with 3.0 and are you still getting a smoot result?



Thanks, I took screen shot to show you. I uninstalled V.3 and didn’t change anything in regards to quicktime.

The line quality looks much different, normally the brush makes really smooth perfect looking lines but this looks more sketchy like Flash’s brush tool.

I don’t have the v.3 anymore.

Any thoughts?

Update: I had to enable something in quicktime and now if I press enter/return it gives me a clean looking render as flash.

The control+return quicktime render is still looking sketchy.


Do you think it would be possible to send me the project so I can give a look to it for I am not sure what the original is supposed to look like and what the cntrl+enter preview is modifying.

I tried it here and I did not notice anything that changed in between the previews but this might be something related to the project. Are you getting this in brand new projects as well?

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