Close even larger gaps with the paint bucket/fill tool

TLDR: as title says, I’m requesting that larger gaps be closed in Harmony (if this is too hard to implement in vector, at least implement it in bitmap, please!)

As far as dedicated hand-drawn animation apps go, one of Harmony’s biggest competitors is TV Paint. After using Harmony for a long time, and enjoying it, I switched over to TV Paint for a few days, just to see what it’s like, and immediately noticed that its paint bucket’s Close Gap feature is far better than Harmony’s. The reason is simple: it closes larger gaps. Harmony’s version of a “large gap” is really quite small, and a lot of time can be lost just trying to close gaps across many frames. I am of course referring specifically to the bitmap function of the paint bucket tool. In TV Paint, the maximum number of pixels that can be closed off is 25, while in Harmony it’s only 10. Neither are actually all that big, and it would be nice to see Harmony take the lead on this feature and boost this to 30, 40, maybe even 50 pixels. It would be great if this could be applied to vector as well, as I also have a hard time getting the bucket tool to close off large gaps on vector layers.