clonning to the next scene

Hello toons,
How’s going (booming) in your studio…ha ha ha.
I’m a proud owner of the Toon Boom Studio v 3
Here is my question:
How to clone a drawing to the next scene ?
I’m tired of copy & paste any changes to my drawing A sc1
to another the same drawing A sc2…after I made a couple changes to it.
It has to be better a way to do it…in the program like this.
I know we can clone elements, but they appear in the same scene.
I would like to have the clone placed in another scene.
Can it be done ?
Any suggestions ?
Ps…Christmas Hippo in the 2-nd show case of the Cartoon Animations II
has been done by me, just to tell you I’m not such a newbie.
I hope you’ve enjoyed it & never look at this song the same way…ha ha ha.
Learning software as I go.