Clone Color Palette Updates for Entire Scene

Hello, I apologize if there is a simple solution to this that I may have overlooked, but I’m having a bit of a problem when cloning a color palette in Toon Boom Animate 3. I have created a character and have given him two color palettes (1st palette contains his daytime colors, 2nd palette is a clone of the daytime colors that I have tinted dark, for scenes that take place during the night). When I select the “Night” palette, the colors update for the entire length of the animation. I only want it to be dark for a certain number of frames. I can’t find a way to, perhaps, keyframe the change in color from “Day” to “Night.” The colors simply update to whichever palette I select and stays consistent throughout. Do you know how I may be able to accomplish this?

One way, at least, would be to duplicate the objects and assign each to the different palettes on separate layers then use a transparency effect switching between palettes. Using the transparency value the change could be gradual of immediate/abrupt.

That is correct and intentional.

Use “Colour-Scale” and keyframe the changes from Day to Night and vice versa.
(no sound, it’s all fairly easy and straight-forward)

I didn’t even think to use the Colour-Scale effect. Much simpler than what I was trying to do. Thank you very much.

Thank you. I tried that and it does works pretty well, but I notice a slightly thicker outline of the character, during the palette transition, because a duplicate is sitting on top of the original (it’s only noticeable if you zoom in, but I just get bothered by it). I think what I’ll do, if I want to work with 2 or more palettes individually, is simply duplicate the original and darken or lighten the colors to my liking. I’ll then repaint the character with those colors, instead of adjusting a clone.

As NolanScott explained, the Colour-Scale effect also works very well for what I’m wanting to do.