clipping of bitmap layer

Strange new problem has materialized. ( working in el capitan in 4.2 )
I duplicate a vector layer. I convert that layer to bit map layer ( ready to blur that layer ) However ,the image is clipped . When I select the Select tool a thin blue dotted line rectangle appears . the bitmap image is clipped to that rectangle . I cannot turn off the rectangle nor move it or affect it in any way.

Thanks rkriz. Still seems a bit screwy getting it to work. But it works!

Yes, I’ve just come across this problem drawing out a pan. Did you get an answer on this? I don’t recall ever having this problem before 4.2.

Checking the release notes it does mention this line and changing it within the Bitmap Resolution parameters, but that doesn’t seem to work at all.

As of 4.2 the project canvas is by default limited to twice the project resolution.

You can change the defaults at the bottom of the General Tab in the
preferences but this will only affect subsequently created projects.

To change the limits for the current project you need to go into the
menu-Storyboard-Properties… on the “Bitmap Resolution” tab.
This however will not modify the limits on penels already created
in the project.

For that you need to right-click the panel thumbnail in the Stage
View window and chose “Change Bitmap Layer Resolution…”