clipping effect

hi all - i have an element with a four line text message as a child in the clipping effect. for the mask, i have a solid bar three inches by 1 inch attached to a peg in the mask portion of the clipping effect. using motion keys i set the bar to slide across the top line to reveal the letters one at a time (works good). i set the second set of motion keys (say frame 41-80) to slide the bar across the second line (works in play mode but not in export mode… same with lines three and four - i can watch the bar slide across the text, revealing each letter in play mode, but not in export or if i just hit the enter key… I have used the clipping effect in other versions with no issue, and have tried rebuilding the clipping effect a few times here, but to no avail … went to look at the help section to see if there was some restrictions with the clipping effect, but the help section for version 6 is no where to be found… i get a single screen indicating toonboom help system, but no content, nor can i find where the setting is to point to it, if i could find it … thanks, dan

Hi Dan,

To understand correctly, your clipping works but not the export?
What format are you exporting to?

Note that on Mac the help system pdf sometimes needs to be associated to the acrobat program: right click any pdf on your computer and tell it which program to open with, then you should see the entire help pdf.

For more assistance, please mention your operating system and its version.