Clipping Effect

Greetings Fellow Toonboomians!

I’m wondering if anyone has a solution to a small sceneplanning issue I’m confronting at the moment as I could use a little advice…

I was hoping to make a character walk over a grassy bitmap background, and make it look like his feet are sinking into the grass.

I’ve come up with some solutions, which I don’t particularly like, as they add more BG levels and increase file size. I’m a visual person and find it hard to explain, so have look at this pic to see what I’m on about: link

The first two solutions work fine, but are a bit cumbersome, either in file size or time. I’d love to just apply nice simple clipping effect to his feet like in the third example (like a PS level mask), but as you can see, it works inversely to the way I need it to.

So my question is, does anyone know a trick to turn a clipping effect inside out?



Figured it out. Just have to draw my mask level to cover the character level except for the little patch where I want the grass to be.

That’ll teach me to try and figure this stuff out in the wee small hours… ::slight_smile: