clipping effect does not render

hi all -

doing a project where text is required to scroll up at the bottom. To do this, I created the animation independent of the scrolled text so it would not be affected by the camera pans and motions. I exported the animation out to a swf file, then imported it back into a new project. I copied in the text into a clipping effect with a mask that would show only a few lines at a time. I took the text element, attached it to a peg then used tweening to scroll the text up when the audio narrative required it to. Well, the text is some forty lines long and when I go to export the project out, it takes forever - so far some 16 hours and the slide bar indicating job progress never moved. I exported out only the swf file i had imported earlier and it rendered within seconds. I exported out only the clipping effect and it just sat there and looked at me for hours. I tried breaking apart the text, same issue. I did an export image of just the text, imported it back in as a jpg and it ran fine. Problem is the quality of the text image is ragged to say the least. I am going to try to export the text out as a pdf then back in to see if that will clear up the text any, but is there something I need to do to get the clipping effect to render in a reasonable amount of time using either straight or broken apart text? thanks, dan

It seems like the application has a hard time handling that much text.

Something you can try is to break apart the text twice to convert the text to brush strokes. This operation will be long and the application might look like it is frozen but it will unfreeze.

After that, the export should be very fast.

Something else you can try is to separate the text into different drawings and layers and expose only the ones you need at a certain time.

hi simon -

I had taken the time to try and break the text apart, and you’re right, it took a couple of hours to do both steps, but it was to no avail … I will try and break it up into different segments and see how that fares … thanks, d