ClipArt Download, Now what

tex.ross@sbcglobal.netI downloaded the clipart just fine. But how do I get it into the library, or how do I import it. I just so confused, it seems that that once I get over this hump, I on my way with a super product. I don’t don’t ever want to see “import flash SWF” again!!! ???

I don’t know if you’ve figured this out yet or not but you want to go to the global library window and right-click on the right fram to import the TBS templates. You can then click on the one you want and import it into a cel.

Hoep this helps even if it is a month or two later…

Je viens d’acheter Toon Boom studio, le logiciel ne veut pas ouvrir les extensions des cliparts…une solution rapide svpl
Merci :slight_smile: