Client Activation Blocked

I bought a new version of TBS v.5 so I can work at home and not have to make the 60 mile a day trek to our studio’s computers. The idea is it might be a time-saver. AFter 4 days I am finally authorized by an administrator to communicate with Support folks. This is the 3rd Toon Boom program I have worked with and each time the ‘installation’ has been like being water-boarded.

The current message I am getting is that “Client Activation” cannot be opened [because it] is not supported on this architecture." All I want is to finish my job without having to travel everyday.

Question: is there an “installation” procedure located/printed anywhere that allows me to install, authenticate and activate the program? I’d like to bypass the automated responses from Toon Boom.

Toon Boom doesn’t allow you to install via CD. You must go to their website, register software purchase with Toon Boom, and then download from their site. Problem is there is absolutely no install instructions anywhere or available unless you register with TB first.

We invite you to visit the Knowledge Base:

Also, you may contact for technical support with your download and installation of Toon Boom Studio.

Activation/Deactivation information can be found here for TBS:

Note that errors regarding computer architecture may indicate that the computer does not meet the system requirements:

Please verify this and if you would like further assistance with your activation, please send an email to with your Operating System, Processor type and Graphic Card.