"Clicking" in sound track

I’ve done lots of TB animating, and this is the first time I’m having this problem. There’s a “clicking” sound I hear every few seconds throughout my scene.
I thought my volumes were too loud and it was distorting, but I brought them all down and it’s still there.
I export it:
44.1 kHz
Sample Size 16
Anyone had this issue?

Which Audio Format, Audio Editor and Operational System are you using ?
Try wav (Windows) or aiff (Mac)…
If the problem still persists: change the Audio Editor and save the file again.
Check all cable connections (make sure they are all properly seated).


Audio format is aiff (Is that what you mean?)
Audio Editor is Toon Boom’s audio editor.
OS is Mac OSX.
New problem is that another file I export ends up with 90% of its sound missing.

The problem’s getting worse. I tried exporting a different project and most of the soundtracks are simply missing from the .mov.
I’m also currently going back and forth with Francois at support@toonboom.com
Question: Can I install Toon Boom on a different computer, but maintain it on my regular computer as well? I want to determine if the problem is the program or the computer.

It might be worth investigating this one with support@toonboom.com so they can try out your audio files.


You can install on as many machines as you want, but you can only have it activated on one machine at a time. So you can simply copy and paste your license key, then return the license and activate it on your other machine.

Francois is exactly the right guy to help you solve your issue, I’m sure he’ll be able to work it out for you.