clicking color picker on color pallete

clicking color picker on color pallete. I have a 3 monitor setup. I’m restricted to clicking something on the same monitor as toonboom. If I click the color picker and then move to one of my other monitors I cannot pick colors. Why?

Because the color picker is a TBS tool, not a system tool. Photoshop’s color picker behaves in the same way.

You can either do a screen capture, paste it in photoshop and then pick the desired color or install a color picker system tool such as cpicksniff or ColorFOff

I know i’ve done it before in photoshop/illustrator. I believe you have to hold down the alt key, click and hold in the photoshop window then move your mouse to the other monitor and it works. Too bad yours doesn’t but I guess I’ll do the temp paste and grab the color. Thanks

Your’re right about the photoshop color picker. You click, drag outside photoshop’s window and it samples whatever you want. I wasn’t aware of that hidden feature, thanks for sharing it!

This could be useful in TBS.