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With Toon Boom Studio to create your own cartoons. The shareware can help step by step from the idea to the finished animation. The program combines advanced animation techniques from the digital world using traditional tools.

Toon Boom Studio processes as a starting material vector graphics, bitmap images, videos and audio from all popular formats. Thanks to sophisticated drawing tools, you control every single image to the smallest detail. Based on a real-time preview also if you look at any time the current status of the work and, if need before corrections. In addition, the application provides a so-called 3D camera feature. This tool gives you the movies more depth or perspective effect.

Is the animation sequence completed, the soundtrack’s turn. Toon Boom Studio includes a full-featured audio editor that allows mixing together individual sound elements, adds new tracks and image with sound precisely synchronized. In a final step, exported Toon Boom Studio is the animated video as a Flash file (SWF), QuickTime Video (MOV).

All in all, you can get your Toon Boom Studio is a powerful tool around animations on the computer. Plus points are awarded for consistently kept simple user interface. Even less experienced users should come with the software to considerable results.

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