Click to toggle outline mode shortcut.

The addition of the outline from flash is great, but it requires you to click the little square to toggle it. I haven’t found a way to toggle whatever layer you have selected, if anyone got an idea how to it would be a great addition (to toggle/untoggle whatever layer you’re on with a shortcut).

Hi vrexus,

The option is not shortcutable at this time from what I can see. I also looked in the Scripting interface to see if a script could be done for this. It is not available either.

It could be a good addition for a future release.

Thanks for your feedback,


From what I can see you can´t use these feature in the drawing mode. Or am I wrong?

/ Mattias

Hi Mattias,

Indeed. The purpose of the feature is mainly to see through the drawing to access other layers behind it. Therefore, it’s available in the Camera view and not the Drawing view.


Ah thanks for trying with the scripting, hope it will be available one day :D!