Click, drag issues: Mac trackpad

This happens with any tool I’ve tried: brush, select. (And it works fine in other applications, say Photoshop).

I double-tap-and-drag, based on my Trackpad settings, to draw or select. Sometimes I can move, and move, and move, and it continues to draw or lasso. But many times, when I start drawing or selecting, my line ends after… half a second?

I’ve got a video of me trying to use the Brush tool over and over. I never intend to stop drawing. My drags of the mouse just abruptly end, leaving short line segments, as you’ll see.

This is driving me crazy! I’d love to know if there’s some configuration I’ve got wrong, or really any suggestions. (I’m on the 14 day trial, which adds to my anxiety!)

I really understand you! This drives me crazy too.
It often happens when i select drawing and trying to move it. But instead it just continues to select with lasso. And it often happens that i cant move the drawing with mouse and i have to move it with arrows on keyboard.
The only reason I didn’t create thread here was I couldn’t reproduce the problem in video. It just happend from time to time