CLI Documentation?

AnimatePro -help refers to documentation I cannot seem to find.
Where is it included?

The word ‘batch’ is mentioned exactly once in the pdfs in the Documentation folder, and its occurrence does not seem to be related to the ‘-batch’ option I’m interested in. A direct reference to specifics would be sufficient.

In that case, the documentation available through AnimatePro -help should not refer to other documentation.

I would like to render my scenes.


To render your Animate Pro 2 scene using command line, you need to enter the following command :

AnimatePro.exe -batch -scene <full path of your scene/scene.anim>

This will load the scene and perform Export/Render Network.
It is mandatory to have at least one WRITE module in your scene.

I hope this helps.
If not, contact



It should be included in your application directory. AnimatePro -help simply tells you the batch commands that can be used with Animate Pro. If you want the full documentation, then you want to open up the application directory, then go into the Documentation folder.

Alternatively, you can also go through the Help menu inside the application.


Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t understand from your original question that you were referring to the command-line. I should have realized that.

From the command line, there are only a couple of things that can be done in Animate Pro. Indeed, the only description of these items is from AnimatePro -help, and this command-line processing was developed for Harmony rather than for Animate Pro. Anything that you see that says “Database Mode” refers to Harmony, and is not applicable to Animate Pro.

There are some Utilities that you can run from Animate Pro, and these are described in the Utiilities Guide. What exactly do you want to do from the command line?