Clear Exposure and Pull KEYFRAMES

hi, I’m using TB 14 on pc.
I’m aware of the function “Clear Exposure and Pull” for the frames in the timeline; which is great.
I wonder if there’s a similar function for the KEYFRAMES.
At now I have a rig (which obviously has pegs with keyframes), sometimes I need to drag a bunch of the keyframes along the timeline. One way is to select a point in the timeline and press “-” or “+” to decrease or increase the exposure, but unfortunately this will decrease the exposure of 1 every time you press the button. If I want to decrease the keyframes exposure of 50 frames I need to press “-” 50 times, which is tedious. And sometimes drag manually the keyframes is not practical. So a function like "Clear Exposure and Pull " would be great… does anyone know a way to apply "Clear Exposure and Pull " to keyframes?
attached png for clarity