cleaning up?

when i draw traditionally(on paper) and scan to toonboom i get bad results. scaner doesnt see lines where i didnt press the pencil hard. so at the end some lines are thinner some are sharper. can i fix it fast? i mean not use contuer editor for few hours. also the lines are curved a little. does toonboom offer any tools for making things easier? i know lots of good tv or theatrical animations are done traditionally. how do they clean up?

i don’t know about features or tv ones. and i don’t scan, i use my pressure sensitive drawing tablet. but if i was drawing on paper then scanning, i wouldn’t vectorize my scans when importing them, for the very reason why you’re not satisfied with your results.
what i would do is, i would draw them, scan and import them then do the clean up on Animate by tracing over my original strokes on a separate layer, with the pencil or brush. the downside, it adds more work to your project but the upside is you get better results and your strokes are better manageable this way.

year… but you have to agree, when people were drawing on paper in pre2000s it was faster then on tablet. even if overall there were more work.
any more replies on this topic?

It sounds to me like you have to mess around with your scan/vectorization settings until you get a better result. We’ve been doing our cleanup on paper and scanning into ToonBoom products for years and it’s always worked out fine. We generally do vectorize the cleanup line and have no troubles (we will often scan roughs as grayscale to not lose sketchy information). I generally am not involved in the scanning so I can’t give you too many specifics but I’ve looked over shoulders and I know that there are very particular settings you have to noodle with to get the right result. Hope that helps!

You will probably want to adjust the B&W settings. Are you on Animate or Animate Pro?

In Animate, you can just select Black and White, and you will want to adjust the Threshold setting. A lower number will make thicker lines, and pick up lines that are drawn lighter. A higher number will be less sensitive.

You can turn on the “Auto Apply” button to preview what the vectorization is going to do to your line.

In Animate Pro, in order to adjust the vectorization settings, you need to double-click on the word “B&W” in order to pop open the vectorization settings window. Here, too, you will adjust the Threshold.

If you’re going to be drawing with a pencil, then it’s harder for any scanner or software to pick up your lines. What some studios do is they trace their pencil lines with black ink pen in order to have a cleaner scan.