Cleaning up a rough animation?

I know theres a manual and everything explaining this but im still in the dark about it. so how exactly do you make the closed lines and what not? is a pen tablet required to clean up a animation? I need a better explanation than what is in the manual. thanks

Hi Mark
Here is a link to animate tutorials. The program is slightly different but the prosess is the same.

If you copy the layer you want to clean. Then you turn the color swatch for your line art to a light color( You can turn it back later). If you want to do cleaning from scratch ,then add an empty layer above your line layer. Turn on the light table.
Add a new color swatch for the clean line art. Sometimes it is nice to have the line transparent, then just adjust opacity of colorswatch.
When drawing starts to shape up you can flatten the lineart and do the finishing with -Tools- Draw Top Layer enabled.
I couldn’t do it with the mouse.Tablet is fantastic plus, but needs quite some practice.
If you work with a mouse you might find pencil and polyline tools more convenient than the brush tool.
When ( if) “tracing” is done with centerline , you can select it with the select tool and -Tools-Convert Lines To Brush.
Now if you play around with the Perspective Tool you shold start to come close . If you now select the lineart with the Selection Tool and go -Tools -Smooth the lines will be easy to refine with the Contour Editor tool
The" closed lines or not" is a mystery to me too.
To cheque each drawing - fill in color areas and undo for each frame can be a good habit, especially if you copy paste from frame to frame and adjust the lines with the perspective tool. It can be nasty job to go back and repair. But there is Close Gap adjustment that can help out a little. The Stroke Tool is also handy so you don’t ruin your clean lines.
To see the strokes -View - Show Strokes. To make strokes close -Tools - Snap To Contour and you can really “feel” the stroke snap to the contour when rework it with the Contour Editor Tool.

Bets regards