clean up and painting help!

Hello everyone,
i am currently working on a project and all the animation is cleaned up. Now i have a problem at painting the drawings. Since all the strokes of the rough animation are hidden with alpha and i drew over them with black, is there a way to ignore my rough sketch tints so that when i paint the fills ONLY affects my clean lines?

I tried deleting the colors for the rough sketches from my palette, but toonboom automatically puts the missing tint in red.

I dont know if there a solution to this other than deleting the rough sketches one by one, help please!

Usually the way to manage this is to do your clean lines on a different element layer than your rough lines. As you saw, even if your lines are set to Alpha 0 they are still taken into account by the fill tool.

For this time, you may have to manually remove your rough lines, or select your clean lines and paste them to a new clean element layer which may be something you may want to do anyway if you have not yet broken down your elements.

I see, either way i do have to work on copy/paste/delete actions.
Thank you so much for your quick reply (: