Classical 2d(paper) animators prior to 1960's would kill to have this

Flip Boom All-Star 2.0 is a great 2d animation program.
Cool paperless 2d program if you know how to use it, for a great price too.
Classical 2d (paper) animators prior to 1960’s would kill to have this program there, as i mentioned on Youtube here:
“The Monster and the Flower” by acolors
I had a chance to play with it on the last weekend.
There are problems to import my sounds into Flip Boom All-Star 2.0
so I had to use FBAS 2.0 files. Also I used a “Monster” character from the library & played with it as well.
When importing sounds the mp3 file goes always to the first cell of the b/g level not to the sound layer nor the library.
Also how come Flip Boom All-Star 2.0 cannot import swf file
after all this is the hard core of TBS the Vector Graphics
your main feature, but after all it’s the great little program to start with for the fantastic price.
just playing acolors