Circle animation

Hi All
Making some animation effects I stalled at making something like that.
What I mean is to make a circle/chart animation. Circle should fill continually till 360 degrees. I figured out several solutions but I’m not happy with any of them. Can anyone of You guys did kind of animation in TBS?
I’ve used some masks for this but it don’t work properly.
I can do this in AE but this is not the point. Do You know if TBAnimation has this feature?
Thanks in advance
PS. Another good reference footage is below (00:14 and further)

Hi TheCubiclite.
Again great tip from You :slight_smile:
Thanks for that. It might work I will check this one soon. I’ll try to put here my chart as well, when I do it.

“Toon Boom Studio Demo #020 - Sweeping Circle” -

All the best! :slight_smile:

Appreciate this
Nice work. You rock!!!

Is there an automated feature in AE that does this?

I wouldn’t know the best way but I can describe one way.

You could reposition planes of the same color and adjust the art. There are no lights or cast shadows (it is all faked) so there is nothing betraying their presence like highlights, shadows and depth of field. You could create the illusion of growth and movement with various shapes blocking and revealing views of other objects with some manipulation of the artwork as well.

For instance to create the illusion of an expanding circle you could have one large plane of say red then create another plane in black, cut a hole in the center of the black plane and move its Z axis so the panel gets closer to the camera. At the same time you could have triangular black objects converge in the center and the red circle would be blocked (masked) leaving a sort of star shape. Rotating and overlapping triangles would create the growing circular movement like the second hand of a clock.

Hi Paperpet, I watched the motion graphics example you mentioned and a related tutorial on how to do it in AE. TBS does not have the features like in AE that let you apply advanced effects to shapes/strokes.

My current solution for the ‘pie chart’ animation (circle sweep) uses 4 drawing elements/layers as follows:

#1 - base layer, left half = initial color, right half = revealed color
#2 - ‘Shutter1’ with initial color
#3 - ‘Shutter2’ with revealed color
#4 - circle for a clipping element’s mask

The illusion starts (at Frame 1) with the shutters placed on the right of the base layer. Shutter1 is on top of Shutter2. With everything subjected to the clipping effect, we see a circle with the initial color. Set keyframes on both shutters. Extend the exposure of all elements.

Go to the mid-point (middle frame). Rotate Shutter1 by 180 degrees clockwise. This reveals Shutter2 (the revealed color). The rotation pivot points for both shutters must be at the center of the circle. Create a keyframe for Shutter2 (still on the right side).

Turn off Shutter1 (or just delete its cells) after the after the mid-point. This makes way for Shutter2 to sweep into the left half of the circle.

Go to the final frame. Rotate Shutter2 by 180 degrees clockwise. Now the circle ends up with the revealed color.

I hope you’re able to reproduce the effect with the steps above. I’m putting together a demo video and I’ll post it here soon.