we are using Animate Pro2 (Windows) and we are drawing on cintiqs, but the pressure sensitivity does not work, in contrast to working on a Mac.
I already installed the newest wacom- and nvidia-driver. What else can I do?

Thank you!

hello, what version of Windows you use?, may be because in windows this option enabled tablet PC, this creates conflict with the cintiq (I had this problem with windows 7 until you turn it off)

we are still using WindowsXP. Can you tell me where I can find this “enabled
tablet PC” option?
Thanks a lot!

hello, the deactivation of tablet pc is Windows 7, but in xp should work. in xp you should uninstall the wacom driver (wacom Cintiq and all) and reinstall the driver.
if you previously were using an Intuos and Cintiq install the diver may be the problem, to install the driver of the cintiq there is no other driver installed. should be cleaned and install the driver cintiq, which recognizes this perfectly Intuos and Cintiq Tablet

The other thing you should try is deleting the tablet preferences file. This often solves pressure sensitivity problems.

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