Cintiq sensitivity not working

It’s like I’m drawing with a mouse! I got the tablet installed and everything, but the sensitivity does not work with this or any other animating software. It works with sketchbook tho. It seems like there’s some sort of hidden setting that fixes this for me but I cannot find it.
please tell me how to fix this.

Which model tablet is it?

If it’s a Wacom tablet try stopping all tablet services in the Task Manager.
Then remove all tablet drivers and tablet preference files.
Re-install the latest tablet driver for your model tablet and reboot.

The Wacom drivers have been buggy the last few years. Go to Start>All Programs>Wacom Tablet>Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility and in All User Preferences click Remove. It will ask if you want Wacom to make changes and click Yes. Give it a few minutes, then check Tablet Properties to see if it is working. Most likely it will be and then restart your programs that you need to use your tablet with.

It’s a real pain in the rear but it’s become a routine I’ve grown accustomed to doing every time I restart my computer.