Cintiq Pen Alignment Issue

So I’m trying to do some work on my PC (Windows 10) in Harmony (15.04) but it seems to not be getting along with the Cintiq 16 dual monitor setup I have.
Whenever I try to draw with the pen, the cursor is completely misaligned as if it’s trying to use both monitors as a base. when I tried turning off “Use Qt Wintab Tablet Support” option like other posts suggested, it started doing this [screenshot] to my lines. But only sometimes. You can see some of the lines are a single wiggle, while the others are not. (some of them even aligned properly to my pen before shooting off into big blocks of lines)
Every other drawing program is working fine, so I updated Harmony, doubled checked my tablet drivers - all updated.
I’ve restarted the computer. I tried disabling/enabling Windows Ink. I tried that one rollback option you do in the CMD window that Microsoft suggested on reddit. I’ve gone through all the wacom settings I can think of to force it on one monitor but like I said, other programs are working just fine


I have the same problem and only way I am able to work in Harmony is with single monitor setup. Looking for the fix but no luck so far.

I’m having the same problem, using the trial version.
I eard so well about this software is a shame my first impression is such a turn off :frowning:

I also had this same problem and tried to solve it in all of these ways mentioned. Unsuccessfully. The solution was very simple. I downloaded the old wacom driver. (it is on the website, it is from 4/3/2018 and is called WacomTablet_6.3.29-6)

Hi everyone,

Please download the new version of Toon Boom 15.0.5 that includes the fix for Wacom offset issue.

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It worked! just… sad that this is the case

I know this thread is old but it is still relevant. I own Harmony Premium 14. Not to sound bitter or disrespectful, but I paid two-thousand dollars for this software because I detest the subscription model that Adobe is forcing down people’s necks (as well as it is a better software overall than Flash). Are you saying that the only legitimate fix for this problem is for me to pay over a thousand dollars more in upgrade cost just to avoid this one bug? This seems like a pretty major issue which means it is a respectfully inherent problem with This product so I think there should be something done to fix This product. I’m not saying Toon Boom hasn’t tried, but some transparency or communication regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Drip,

Thank you for your post. The topic was originally written for Harmony 15.04 and was solved based upon that information. Are you encountering a similar issue in Harmony Premium 14? If so, please just let us know which version of Harmony Premium 14 you are on and our support team can custom tailor their advice to you based off of that. Also, if you could include the specific make and model of your tablet, that would go a long way to helping us troubleshoot this with you as well.

We are committed to supporting our users, no matter which version of our product they own. Please note that some issues require more complex changes that can only be done in version updates, but if you are experiencing the same problem in an older version of our software, do not hesitate to give us as much detail as possible as there may be an easier fix available to you.

As for your points regarding transparency and communication: That is certainly one reason why I have become so active in our forums lately. Our amazing Support team cannot be everywhere at once, so if I can solve a problem or help a problem reach them with as much information as possible so it is easier for them to solve, I view it as a job well done.

Hope this helps!

check your screen resolution. you should set in 100% only