Cintiq + Harmony. Good match? Any tips?

I was wondering if anyone has any tips or impressions on using cintiqs with Toon Boom Harmony.

I just ordered my cintiq 24 hd and while i wait, i was wondering if its going to work well with Harmony (my favorite software). Do the touchring work well for zooming or rotate canvas, or maybe panning the timeline? What else could I use it to? Which shortcuts did you set on your express buttons?

Anyways, any tips or stories about using harmony with intiq (specially the 24hd) would be apreciated. Thanks!!


the short answer is it works awesome. i have not used the 24HD, but I have and used a Cintiq for the past 10 years or so. They are indispensable. As for the touch capabilities…I couldn’t say.

No, I got the cintiq 24 hd, not the 24 hd touch. So no touch for me :frowning: thats would be an extra 1200 dollars that i couldnt afford. Im still very excited with my purchase cant wait to get it and try it with harmony. That s why i want to know user peoples impressions on the cintiq harmony combo. About the shortcuts, etc. for example. Culd anyone figure out a way to set the express keys in such a samrt way that you dont even need the keyboard? The cintiq is pretty large, i think it would be hard to find room for the keyboard

my mother in law has that one, and its very nice. and yes, the one with touch is VERY expensive…perhaps a bit too much. honestly, its pretty customize-able. you can go into wacom’s driver and basically assign the express keys to do whatever you want them to do. i’ve used the touch strip as a mean of scrubbing in the past. set it up to how you like it. enjoy!

I saw there are 3 modifiers right next to each of the touch wheels. You can use them to switch the function of the wheel, maybe from zooming in and out, to rotate canvas, to whatevever … I was wondering if I can use these buttons to be just another shortcut. Lets say I AWAYS want the wheel to rotate the canvas, and I want these 3 buttons next to it to be… I dont know, CTRL, SPACEBAR and ALT. Can I do that?

As I found out, having Harmony I have a iMac with a 512 vid card.

Harmony needs a 512 vid card to run without issues, now if you have a adaptor/vid splitter coming off the vid card to a separate a monitor and the cintiq, then your video card is split into 256x256 and make Harmony run like absolute Trash.

Sorry. I didnt understand.
I have a 27 inch imac. And ill use it with the cintiq 24hd.
So you r telling me its not gonna run smooth?

I have a 2009 Vintage iMac and am running a Cintiq 22HD and have had no problems running Harmony, MODO, Photoshop etc. Would a newer machine run it better? Probably but I don’t notice that so much as I am getting so much more done due to the Cintiq…

Its just that edc’s post got me really worried.

I spent a lot of money on this cintiq and it’s being shiped from Canada all the down here to Brazil, wich will take about 1 and a half months on a container.

I got it specially to work with harmony, using my imac 27" screen for the network view, top and side camera, as well as references, and leaving the whole 24" cintiq just for drawing. Now he said it won’t work like that and i’m crushed.

Its gonna be even harder to wait now that i’m so curious to know if its gonna run smooth or if ill need to invest on a better videocard for my imac.

Anyways, any more stories or tips or reviews on using cintiqs with harmony?

I have a 512MB graphics card in my Mac Pro running a 30" Cinema Display and second 27" monitor and Harmony is running fine here. So your Cintiq might run fine, too…


I have owned and used a Cintiq 24HD with Toon Boom Harmony and it is a simply amazing experience. It did take some trial and error to program the buttons to Harmony but it was still very doable. The zooming and rotate canvas do work if I remember correctly. I sold my Cintiq 24HD before I left to work in Afghanistan but I intend to purchase the 24HD touch when I am back stateside only for the better screen brightness and color support, I got to play with the Touch 24HD while at Siggraph 2012 in LA and I really saw the difference, The screen brightness (190 cd/m) was my only complaint about the 24HD Cintiq. The monitor I was using along with the Cintiq was a HP ZR2740w that had twice the brightness (380 cd/m). It is a great drawing monitor but the brightness level and color support lag behind many other monitors but since your using it a 27in IMac it shouldn’t be a problem. All in all it is a great drawing experience that I am sure you will enjoy it.

That is so great to hear (er… Read). I’m just really worried about the whole videocard thing making it not run so smoothly.
So, how did you distribute everything between the 2 screens? Of course, you draw on the cintiq, but hat about everything else?

The only other issue I had was with the 6D Art Pen but that was corrected with a BIOS update. The lines that I would draw in programs like Photoshop would suddenly draw a line after I pen had been placed off the surface. I don’t know about the 512MB GPU, I was running mine on a 12-core Intel Xeon HP Z800 with 2.5GB Nvidia Quadro 5000 GPU. As far as dual screen setup I simply had them work together as one screen in that I simply dragged the windows from one screen to the other. I used the 24HD for my other programs like Maya, modo, Photoshop, NukeX, Mari, etc and it worked great for them as well, especially modo and Mari.