Cintiq crash and pen delay


So I’ve got SBP up and running on my desktop and I drag it over to my cintiq.

Drawing tools, layers, etc. work until I change the timeline view… Then the program totally crashes.

I close everything down, unplug the Cintiq and restart.

When I re-open STB on the desktop it says my file is “already open”

I still open the file “again” and drag it over to the Cintiq. The tools behave very strangely (uncalibrated pen, unresponsive tools…) and after a few minutes, the whole thing crashes again…

windows 10
NVIDIA graphics processor (updated)
Wacom Cintiq (updated)

Note: My Adobe software is running normally.

Try re-installing the graphic card driver and make a custom profile for the software.
See the video for details…

Beyond that, try installing this Wacom driver instead if the above solution does not
fix it on its own: