Cintiq companion with harmony ? Or best tablet for Harmony ?


I’d like to know if the features of cintiq companion are compatible with harmony or like the other tablets with card intel HD 4000 its don’t work ? (as surface pro)

And i’d like to know which is the best tablet to work with harmony ? i Iook for mobile tablet.


I use the cintiq 24 hd with harmony and its great. But yeah, its not exactly mobile, you need 2 people to lift it.

Now there is cintiq mobile :

But i don’t know if it’s work correctly with harmony with this HD graphics card.

Hi, There,
This tablet is in pre-order, we need to wait it release and have a full test to make it sure.
We don’t suggest Intel HD 4000 since it integrated and will share memory, but it might work with harmony.

I am thinking when the new upgrade to the MacBookPro comes out that I’ll buy a Wacom certified ModBookPro it is a professional stylus capable MacBookPro and it costs but I think anyone who needs Harmony on a tablet format will like it.

I use the MS Surface Pro 64GB with 32GB SSD with StoryboardPro 4 and it works really well except it does not have the DPI that a Wacom enabled MacBookPro would have.

I hope ToonBoom and create a package because it would be great ot hate Harmony installed and ready to use with Maya too.

I find using Harmony 10 to be the best product in my toolkit apart from Adobe CC.


I purchased the companion day one.

I have flash and photoshop (cs6 and cc) on it as well as storyboard pro 4 and harmony (standalone).

The full windows 8 OS is snappy and everything runs really smoothly. Can’t say I’ve really challenged it with heavy files… But it seems great as far as my use so far.

The hybrid might work if you just need android sketching apps on the go, and the use of a 13 inch cintiq when you can connect it to a full CPU. But I wanted full animation applications on a full OS. I have been VERY pleased. It has exceeded my expectations. And I’m a Mac guy. The cintiq companion is still a dream come true.

I also have the wacom iPad stylus… And it does work pretty well… But you’re stuck with iPad apps and a fat stylus tip. Best use and most fun i’ve had on an iPad since first getting one… But just like the hybrid: without a full OS and full animation applications - who cares

I also have a 24hd touch cintiq and an old 21ux cintiq. The companion is just as good as these, excepting the obvious loss of screen size.

Hope this helps

I bought a Surface Pro2 and gave Harmony a quick run on it last night. There are two downsides to the Surface Pro2: 1) the size of teh actual tablet itself is a tad small though its akin to drawing in a moleskin sketchbook. 2) the resolution is high and thus makes the icons tiny.

Other than that Harmony ran great. I didnt load any heavy scenes in it, but drawing was nice and smooth. Close to working on my desktop. Photoshop runs well though there can be some lag at times with the stylus. I’ve only dabbled in Flash, but it seems to work well.

I’m loving the Surface Pro2 more and more.

I use Harmony on a workstation to render with Maya 2012-13. However, I use Maya 2014 on my Wacom Cintique Companion with 512GB SSD, 8GB of DRAMM and it is a delight to use for artwork. Simply the best solution for artists at the moment.

As for a Modbook make sure it’s not running 10.9 and they do not offer the Retina…yet. The new iPad AIR plus the MacBook PRO Retina have far too many issues, I own both but am not impressed with Apple’s lack of support for 3rd party apps and hardware. Windows 8.1 is far, by far, superior.