Cintiq 24HD Pressure Sensitivity

I’ve recently upgraded to a cintiq 24HD and now there seems to be no pressure sensitivity in Animate. I’ve got the newest drivers and it all seems to work in photoshop. I wondered if there was some setting in Animate I need to adjust or should I re-install Animate? Or even an update for animate? Although I don’t know where you get those?

Any help would be appreciated!


You can check the Knowledge base for Animate Family/Hardware issues.
In Topic #9 you can read about this: No Pressure sensitivity with Wacom…
Maybe you’ll get the answer there.

Was there a fix found for this? I have the same issue- and my drivers work for every program I have except animate pro :’(

Try to uninstall the preferences of your tablet. Particularly when you have multiple tablet drivers, they can interfere with each other. If this doesn’t work, uninstall all drivers and reinstall, once again with removing the prefs. If that doesn’t help email


The fix is to delete the wacom preferences file and relaunch the program. We had tested that Cintiq 24HD here and it was working for us. If you still are not able to recover the sensitivity, then email and they can help you more.