Cintiq 22HD touch and Toon Boom Animate pro not working properly.

I have a Cintiq 22HD touch connected to a 17" laptop running on windows 7. Every program I use works perfectly fine with the Cintiq apart from Toon Boom. When I draw a line, it appears just to the side of the crosshair. I have tried making the cintiq the main monitor. I have tried making both monitors the same resolution. I have tried rearranging the monitor positioning, but nothing seems to help. Does anyone know a way of fixing this. Has Toon Boom released a patch for this issue?

You must delete ALL tablet drivers and tablet preference files, then reboot and install the latest tablet driver for your model. If you are using multiple monitors set the Cintiq to be your primary display if the aspect ratios of the two monitors are different.

In practice this can be a little difficult on Windows systems since the tablet drivers and preference files can be stored in a number of locations. In extreme cases you may even need to edit the registry to remove all traces or earlier drivers/preferences. If you have no experience editing the registry and you are completely stuck, contact support to connect to your system and assist because you can damage your O.S. if you delete the wrong thing from the registry.

It could just be a calibration issue. I sometimes have to restart my commuter and then recalibrate my Cintiq to make it work properly. I am also running off a 17 inch laptop.