Cintiq 22HD + SBPro 5.5 + Win10 = BAD lag and brush issues

Hey all,

SETUP: I have a Windows 10 OS desktop PC setup with a 22HD Cintiq hooked up.

1st PROBLEM: I noticed something strange when Windows 10 updated + Wacom Cintiq Driver (new one, 6.3.30) updated where my lines ended up like this:

2nd PROBLEM: I went to go uninstall the Win10 update, delete the new Wacom driver, and then redownload a older version of the Cintiq Driver (version 6.3-29-6). The lines seemed okay for the most part (seen in the image below) but then… the zoom in and zoom out function of SB now lag like HELL. Also, the lines are not as quick to react to my stylus, causing some unwanted angles at the start of the lines (in the attached image). I turned the WinTab stuff off (because this is a Cintiq 22HD… not a tablet) and the vector lines became weird and beady/bumpy.

I’ve tried different combinations of even older wacom drivers, updating/uninstalling the latest Win10 updates, random different combinations of the former, etc to no avail and I’m losing my mind over it :frowning: I’ve updated my graphics card via Device manager > Display adapters which is my AMD Radeon RX580 but I don’t know if that will be of any help. Is there any solution to this? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

There are a lot of threads about technical problems after a Windows update, it seems this update changes the default graphic card to the on-board Intel, so if you are able to change it back to your Radeon it might solve some of your problems.

The most recent Wacom update also has created a lot of problems for a lot of TB users (including myself). As you already did, reverting to the previous (29-6) seems to solve some problems too (it worked for me).

Yes but undergrading is not a solution in mid or long term.
Last driver works well with all the others soft, Photoshop, ClipStudio Paint etc…so…It all works well with o
Toon boom should work on it

Not only Toon Boom, Wacom is known for breaking a lot of stuff with their updates, I actually had a different issue with the last driver regarding pen clicks, when I wrote Wacom support about the issue their answer was the same I’m giving to you: downgrade to the previous driver.

I’m don’t like to rely too much on the Wacom shortcut settings because I’ve had to delete them more that once when upgrading due to unexpected behavior of their drivers. In my experience, the best is simply try not to upgrade Wacom Driver unless it’s extremely important, I’m aware of the potential problems, but I’ve had so much problems with those that I just don’t care about updating too much.

According to my experience, it’s probable that Wacom fixes the issue in future drivers.