Cintiq 21UX Express Keys

YIPPPIIIII…, I have just got my Cintiq 21UX :slight_smile: and I am very happy with it. It turned out to be a big tablet PC!!! Which is what I always wanted!!

I would like to know if there are prefered Express key (EK) settings that works best with TBS V3.5… I mean to speed up my drawings… Is it too much if I asked what is your EK settings on your machine, if you are a Cintiq 21UX user… Please???


Good For you Meeky, I got mine 2 months ago and I love it! I use it mostly for Photoshop, Painter and illustrator work. I’m totally new on TBS but I’m begining to love it now that I understand a little bit more about pegs and cells, I think it is a great software for vector animation.

So far my Cintiq is at work, so I haven’t got the time to play with TBS at home, I use a wacom 6x8 and it works fine. Most of my drawings start as a sketch in Painter and then go to illustrator, the I import my characters in Tonn Boom, it seems to work fine, sorry I do prefer Illustrator tools for drawing (must be that I’m used to it). I’ll let you know about my EK once I finish this project and bring my Cintiq back home.

The Cintiq is the most useful tool for creating artwork on the computer, instead of getting a new computer get a Cintiq and use your old computer with this incredible tool!

Javier F