Cintiq 12wx

I hoping that some people on this forum are using the Cintiq 12wx and I would like to know if it’s something that would help in using Animate. I’m currently using an Intuos 3 6x8 but am considering the smaller Cintiq 12wx. I am trying to go more paperless but sometimes it’s just easier to start the rough sketches on paper and scan them in. I’ve heard by general users of the Cintiq 12 that sketching/drawing is much easier than using a tablet you use to sketch/draw with but look at a monitor. The only downside I see with the 12wx is the small screen size when it comes to animating. It would seem that trying to fit the camera view, color palette, library and timeline onto a screen that small would be difficult. I realize it might be better to sketch/draw/paint with the Cintiq and go back to the larger moniter for animating. I guess what I’m asking is it worth $1000.00 for the tablet and how do you handle drawing, painting and animating with a tablet like this?


speaking from my own perspective I think you would be better served with a 21UX. I don’t think for animation the 12wx is worth it. This is just my point of view. I think money wise it’s better to stick with the intuos or spend the extra dough and get the 21ux. $2k is a big chunk but keep your eyes peeled for a used Cintiq 21ux. I found mine for $cheap and it was still under warranty! there are deals to be had if you are patient.

I am using a 12wx and yes it is a bit small, but I like working on the smaller area and zoom when I need to. I also have a Intuos 3 6 x8, but I was never totally comfortable with looking up from where I was drawing. With the cintiq
it is a joy to work with and the best part is, my lazy palm wont smudge my pencil lines as i rub the screen while I draw on the cintiq. I wish I had the funds for the bigger one, but when I do my 12wx just might go cheap on ebay

I currently use the 12wx and I am more than happy with my purchase. They carry a good resell value if you want to upgrade to the 21inch in the future. I was previously using an intous3 4x6. The 21in cintiq is a better investment if you have the money. But if you are on a budget the 12wx works just fine.

I just recently got a Cintiq 12wx and Drawing on the screen has been the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I would say if you can afford to get the bigger more expensive one then by all means get it!

It’s almost the same predicament as, "should I upgrade from Animate (standard) to Pro? the answer is always yes, but can you afford it? I can’t so I have standard for now.

As far as animating with it, what I have done is set up a couple of workspaces that minimizes the screen real estate to accomodate the task at hand.

For example, I have a workspace that I named Multiplane 1,2,3,ect.

1. Is for setting up the multiplane, in which case you need the library.

2. Is for when all the BG elements are on the stage and all I need to do is animate the camera, I don’t need the library color pallette, Drawing substitutions, ect to do this.

3. I have a Dual monitor display and I have all the tools on the second monitor and only the stage on the Cintq. A friend of mine works this way but I do not find it “natural” to work this way so I just created it to satisfy my paranoia.

My brother and sister found the cintiqwx on craigslist for $600 and the guy told them that he decided to get the 21UX instead so he was selling it off in order to do that. The Cintiq is only 1 month old ( gave me the reciept) and it is still under warranty. So you can find some great deals if you look.

i have the 12wx also and i love it.

i don’t have much desk space and i can put the 12wx on my lap to draw.

i know you can’t do that with the 21.