Cintiq 12WX Button Programming Not Recognized

I’ve spent quite a few fruitless hours trying to use the Wacom control panel to set up my Cintiq 12WX buttons to trigger ToonBoom Animate tools and functions. I used the Wacom control panel and programmed each of the buttons with ToonBoom Animate PLE default keyboard shortcuts.

None of the buttons trigger any of these programmed functions. My Cintiq works flawlessly with all of my other programs, but not with ToonBoom Animate PLE.

I’d actually go ahead and purchase ToonBoom Animate 2 if I could get these buttons to trigger Animate tools and functions, since using a Stylus to do everything is too laborious and time consuming.

Can someone recommend a solution?


Greg Smith

I can’t believe the solution to this problem did not appear as a result from this search engine or from Google, since it is, indeed, a common problem.

I did solve it by deleting all Wacom preferences using the Wacom Preference Utility found under the “Start” menu/Wacom. I deleted all of my tablet preferences, (not sure whether that extreme measure was necessary), but it did work.

I did lose, however, all of my prior Wacom 12WX button and stylus settings for other applications.

I’m happy, though, since now I can justify the huge expense of buying ToonBoom Animate 2.

Thank you,

Greg Smith

I’m glad you solved your problem! This should have returned a search in the forums, since button/pressure sensitivity problems happen fairly often and we always recommend to delete the preferences. In any case, at least this thread is here in case anyone else runs into this problem.

Toon Boom Support

Hi Greg,

I’m having this same issue. I wanted to assign zooming to the hardware buttons on my Cintiq 12WX, but whenever I would assign the keystrokes from the Wacom config tool and then try to use the buttons in Animate, the most I could get out of it was to push the button and have my tool swap to the selection marquee tool.

Strange stuff.

I’ll try your fix and see if that doesn’t alleviate my issues as well.

Try deleting your preferences then reassigning the buttons. If this doesn’t work, then feel free to email to resolve your issue. I know that others have been able to map the zoom to their Cintiqs.

Toon Boom Support