I have a question, can you run boomtoon on chromebook? please give me a answer please because i am using a chromebook.

Good one, I had no idea about this trick. Make sense if it works pretty well. Thanks!

HI does anyone know how to add harmony advanced on chromebook? ty!

I’m fairly certain a chromebook doesn’t have a hard drive one can install anything too, plus there is no real operating system, it’s strictly a chrome browser… So, no.

You can check the recommended technical requirements to run Harmony here:

Simple answer: NO.

Complex answer: On some Chromebooks Windows can be installed. This is not officially supported, and you are on your own when you decide to do so. Most Chromebooks have very low hardware specs, which makes them rather limited for any design and animation work. Your Chromebook must have at least 4GB ram installed for Toonboom to work. Most have less than that.

In short, it can be done, but it completely depends on the hardware specs of your Chromebook, and your willingness to replace the Chromebook OS with Windows. There is no official support. For instructions, Google it.

Yes, you were correct in saying that Chromebooks don’t have hard drives. Instead, they have solid-state drives. But, you were wrong in stating that they don’t have a “real operating system”. Chromebooks run on the Chrome Operating System (or Chrome OS) and most of them can also run Linux-based operations. It’s also not “strictly a chrome browser” since you are able to use other search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing, or Ecosia. You may also download other search engines using Linux. You are also able to download apps, games, ebooks, and also shop online with the Chromebook. It’s more than a search engine, it’s really a full-fledged laptop that uses Chrome OS.