choppy playback

hi, everyone. I see to have a problem playing back files. they look fine in toon boom, yet when I save it in mov format and play it back via quicktime, at random points in each play, the video is choppy, especially in camera pegs. are there any settings I can mess with to fix this?

thank you.

Which compression type are you using? You can find it in the options dialog within the Export window.

Are you on Mac or PC?

I’m on a pc, changed various options, colors, etc. are there any specifics that will relieve choppyness? or should I just experiment with changes and a solution will present itself?

I have never encountered this issue so I do not know which settings could be causing it. The best way is definitely to try out different settings to see if any of them help the situation.

What is the resolution of the movie your are exporting?

Also, what is the size in MB of the choppy mov file compared to the avi file?

are you talking about when the tweening isnt constant?? Im starting out too and ive noticed sometimes, especially with peg tweening, it doesnt seem to move constantly (smoothly) every frame, even though its a straight line in the function editor. what causes this?? Often times i animated some peg the first time and its smooth, then i try and add some other motion before that in the timeline and the tweening only moves every third frame or so, and looks choppy. I have to add another parent peg and tween that and its fine. But i dont really wanna add a peg for every different motion???