choppy playback

Often when I play back a scene I find it to be unsmooth. The animation is somewhat choppy. I know I’m overlooking something. Any suggestions?


1) How are you “playing back” your scene?
2) What graphics card are you using?


Thanx for the reply. I am simply going to 'render and play" or the “test SWF movie”. Same result either way. However, I am currently using a fairly high-end laptop so I may have more of an adapter than a video card. It’s called an ATI Mobility Raedon HD 6370. Perhaps I need to upgrade my computer to a desktop. Botttz

Hi Bottz

1) What happens if you Export the movie to SWF. Is it still “choppy” when you playback the swf?
2) Can you play back other peoples’ swf/movies without “choppiness”? You could try an swf from Newgrounds if you have nothing else available.


Is there a large camera move in that scene? Sometimes scenes with large camera moves will appear choppy because in real life, when there’s a large camera move, there’s also some motion blur on it.

If this is not the case, then the other thing I’d ask is, is your scene really heavy? Because of the way the swf format works, it tries to load in all the data in real time, but perhaps it’s just not able to load it in fast enough for playback.