Choppy Lines - Clean Up Problems

Hi Guys,

I’m having a problem with the line weight of my pencil: specifically, no matter which tool I use (pencil, ellipse, etc.) my lines are coming out with a choppy texture similar to the charcoal preset.

I’ve already gone into my preferences under OpenGL and selected “Enable textures in pencil lines” and then de-selected it to see if it would make a difference. I’ve opened my pencil properties and played around with all of the presets (everything seems to work except when I select None and still get a textured line). I’m at a huge loss! I don’t know how to make my line uniform. I’ve restarted my program and my computer multiple times and I don’t know how to fix this!

Any help would be greatly appreciated :frowning:

It is always imperative that you provide a description of your computer system.

Can you upload a screen shot?

When you are the initiator of a thread you alone have the ability to attach images.

You still have the ability edit your first post and attach images.

Also, what is your objective?

Are you trying to use a textured line and they are coming out “choppy” or are you trying to produce a smooth line and they are coming out “choppy”?

Hey, thanks for commenting. First time poster, sorry I didn’t know the proper etiquette!
The problem was I was wanting a uniform texture, like a smooth line, and it came out with a texture added. Turns out it was an issue with my palette settings :slight_smile: