Choppy Camera movement

Hi. I have a pretty long camera movement that goes through multiple layers, and when I save it, it comes out good, but its slightly choppy and the movement halts for a split second every few frames. I do have another scene I use for rotoscoping for this project, and the video file I am rotoscoping has about 1700 frames. Is the size of this layer in a different scene making it choppy? And if so, I would move it to a new file. I just wanted to be sure that was the issue before doing so. Having the rotoscoping in a different scene is very convenient, lol. And another sort of unrelated question, how can I delete a scene? I have one that I dont really need that I used to test something and I cant seem to find a way to get rid of it. Thanks so much. ;D

The choppy movement would not really be affected by the size of the layer - unless I’m misunderstanding what’s going on. It may simply be that the frame rate that you’re rendering out at is too low for this scene. Large camera movements will appear choppy at lower frame rates. What’s the frame rate of your scene?

Perhaps you could attach a link to your render so that we can see what’s going on.

To delete a scene, simply display the Scene Manager window and then select the scene you would like to delete and hit the minus sign.

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Thanks so much! It was the frame rate. I thought I had it set at 24 fps but it was at 20. I put it to 24 and everything seems fine now. Thank you! I love this forum. So many questions answered! lol