Choosing multiple points for deformation

So for anyone familiar with deformation rigging, is it possible to choose multiple deformer points when using
a) the Transform tool to animate the deformers
b) the deformer rigging tool to build the deformers

As far as I know, I’ve been having to choose point by point for all the bone, curve, envelope deformers, but never can I choose 2 points at the same time while using the transform tool to manipulate both of those points at the same time. Know what I mean?

Hi toonboomnoobn008,

I know exactly what you mean.

Unfortunately, for instance, it is not possible to select several deformer points at once by using the lasso or marquee select tool.
There also isn’t a way to manipulate several deformer points at the same time like you could do with normal vector points.

Not yet! I asked this feature to a TB representative some time ago and I have big hopes that it will be included in the next version (at least for envelope deformers).

All right! This feature needs to be added for sure, before I make my purchase to the full product from the trial :wink: I’m just surprised that they didn’t add such a simple feature… I’ll also ask the technical support to see if they can add this feature in nearby updates. I’m sure alot of people would find it useful.

Hey guys, I just found out that you can indeed select more than one point, though not as easy as clicking and dragging a rectangle over an area. Click on one point, then hold CTRL, and select another point. It doesn’t seem to work during rigging, but it does work using the transform tool in the camera view. The only way I know of which allows you to select multiple things during deformation rigging is through the node view, you can select multiple offsets, curves, and bones. Another cool feature during transform tool animating of deformation is that you can select not only the individual points, but also the lines, which allow you to more easily manipulate the character. Give it a try! I keep finding myself learning new things everyday as a newbie!

  • Toon Boom Noob

Yes, holding CTRL allows you to select several points one by one, one after the other.
Sorry, I thought you knew this one. :slight_smile:

When it comes to transfomation, you can move the group of curve points. But, transformations like rotation and scale can’t unfortunately be done for instance. It would be great to get this feature implemented.